Despite having taken a creative writing class before, as well as saying that writing is one of my hobbies in every situation where I need to answer that question, I actually haven’t ever created an original story in at least 10 years. It’s been so long that I can’t even remember what it might’ve been about, and […]

Hey! This is pretty after the fact, but I still feel the need to document it; I’ve gotten my final project ideas approved, and I couldn’t be more excited about either of them!

Joining this class, I was a little put off by the creative elements. People have told me that I’m a good writer, and I have the proof to back it up, but none of that has done anything to fix my utter lack of confidence in my writing that I’ve struggled with since finishing high school. […]

Well this is exciting! After taking a creative writing class and struggling through it last spring semester, I’m more hyped than I thought I would be to get into storytelling. My background, especially since coming to UTD, has drifted more and more from creating into analysis, but this class seems like it’ll be a good […]